How is your heart today! Como esta tu corazon hoy?

I hope that you heart is happy, but most of all that is healthy! Espero que tu corazon este feliz, pero sobre todo saludable! Today it’s what matters, Yesterday it’s gone, tomorrow is a mystery! Hoy es lo que es importante, ayer ya paso, manana es un misterio! Do something that makes your heart smile,Continue reading “How is your heart today! Como esta tu corazon hoy?”

Do I realy need to stress ?

What it is really bothering your everyday ability to enjoy and find peace? Let’s put things on perspective. Stop and think. Lay all your worries on the table. Career ? Find something to do that provides you happiness, and the paid off will be priceless. Love ? Learn to love without attachments, your heart willContinue reading “Do I realy need to stress ?”